Halfdream: instrumental metal meets post-rock

New album Imaginarium to be released May 13, 2015; download the first two Halfdream albums on Halfdream's Bandcamp.

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Halfdream is an instrumental progressive metal/post-metal project founded in 2012 by me, Marcelo Murata, in São Paulo, Brazil.

I started playing the guitar considerably late, at 20, but since then I've been making music on my own. After years writing songs (and collecting hundreds of unfinished ones), in 2012, I finally decided to work on my first album and came up with a name for this music project: Halfdream.

Halfdream is my completely solo project, being me the producer, songwriter and the only instrumentalist, as I take the role as the guitarist while every other instrument is played electronically.

Working on Halfdream, I try to be as self-sufficient as possible, recording and mixing my tracks and designing everything related to the project, such as the logo, the cover arts and this very website. I also adopt the philosophy of releasing every song for free and encourage sharing my tracks with everyone.

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